Financial Freedom REDEFINED

A talk by Arpit Arora on TEDx KIET platform, Feb 2022

TedX * Chowringhee

From Unwillingness to Willingness

A talk by Arpit Arora on Tedx Chowringhee platform, June 2022


Something that Arpit is still mesmerized to recall, is the call from World Marketing Summit where he was nominated and later awarded with an International Award from Philip Kotler for his 'Excellence as a Financial Coach'


The results of the hard-work started showing as Arpit's Mission: Financial Nirvana program become a success and he started receiving huge recognition everywhere including the likes of PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi.

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Passive Income: What is it and how does it benefit you?

Article by Arpit Arora, published in Financial Express

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The Shock Of The Sensex

Article by Arpit Arora, published in Outlook

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What is passive income and how is it different from active income?

Article by Arpit Arora, published in Your Story

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Money Matters

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Passive Income Revolution Theory

Article by Arpit Arora, published in The Indian Statement May 2020 Issue

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Guaranteed Returns: Reality or Myth?

Article by Arpit Arora, published in The Indian Statement July 2020 Issue


What people say about Arpit

In Masterclass 1-2-1 by going through the data i realized where i stand as far as my finances are concerned and the returns we make. Before 1-2-1 never realized my Insurance was inadequate, never bothered about Portfolio allocation, goal setting for financial needs. If one is serious about getting one's personal finances in order should attend Masterclass 1- 2-1 as practically going through it I realised that i would never have been able to re-structure my finances on my own and i would highly recommend this to others as well.

Anil Nair

The best learning was keeping the things simple and consistent. It covers all the aspects of Investing, starting from the fundamentals to execution and giving an opportunity to be a part of the community. Thanks for covering the entire aspects of Investing

Gaurav Bansal

When I joined MasterClass, the very first thing that came to my mind was that I have met the right person. Earlier, I only used to invest in limited things, but now I am moving forward to stocks, Mutual Funds, and others as well. The way Arpit approaches and conducts implementation classes is very appreciative. Now I feel I am on the right track.

Jomon T Davy

AskTheWiseGuy is a wonderful platform to learn the basics of financial education and build one's wealth. I really enjoy Arpit's teaching methodology.

Jagdish Kumar

Amazing experience with AskTheWiseGuy. A good support system to understand the world of passive income and understanding finance. Thank you to Arpit Arora and the team. Good job !!!

Srilakshmi Vajrakarur

Boom 🔥 the mind-blowing strategy, polite behaviour, excellent benefits, loved the sessions. I became a fan of this team.

Chinmay Khedkar

Just Completed My Course, A New Mindset, New Skillset, So happy with the New Wiser Ways of Creating Passive Income. Honestly Meeting and Learning from Arpit has been a Blessing to me to secure me Financially and get the Peace of mind.

Arsh Gaur

Automate your savings to investments. Arpit is knowledgeable and gives clarity to a sound financial plan. If you have never thought of planning your funds and assets, automating your savings to investment - just go for it!

Vaibhav Singh

Hi Arpit... You have helped me to bring in the paradigm shift... I have the necessary clarity in my mind... it's a value for money spent.

Vivek bhatnagar

The session was an eye-opener for a newbie in personal finance management. I regret I didn't know this way years before. Thank you Arpit for guiding me from where to start and changing the mind blocks that I had for years.

Suja Vignesh

ARPIT IS A SUPERB GUY with gems of wisdom. I learnt a lot. He teaches us the rules of the game. It's awesome learning for me and eye-opening. Must attend all his courses.

Sutanu Kumar Pratihari

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