Double Your Returns – Passive Income | Generate Passive Income Ideas in India

Double Your Returns

Double Your Returns

A 2-day enlightening ONLINE program to help you maximize your investment returns using modern money management mindset, skills & systems

Double Your Returns is your first concrete action step on your Financial Freedom journey. This online program speaks of wise investing strategies that you can use to restructure your wealth in a way that you reap immediate results.

The program not only educates you but also gives you simple and immediate action steps to get closer to your financial dreams.

🎯 Deliverables:

⿡How to make Passive income using existing wealth

⿢Undo Past Financial mistakes and avoid financial investment blunders

⿣The wise ways to invest in all asset classes

⿣The blunders you are making with Money & How to correct them

⿣The most undisclosed secrets of the financial industry


Double Your Returns

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Day 2
Course available for 30 days
Lectures: 2
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