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Library of un-heard financial strategies which are only spoken of behind closed door.
Insights from Arpit Arora, that can exponentially boost your money management journey that can help you master your personal finances within weeks.

This is not a Course..

You may have spent hours and hours learning various financial strategies to make money but either they are not applicable, or too hard to understand or implement. Worst of all, they don’t give you enough conviction to apply. Now here is the solution… 

Directly learn the master strategies designed by Arpit Arora

  • Save time and money both by watching short, simple, and implementable financial strategy videos. 
  • Avoid making silly yet painful financial mistakes that are eroding your hard-earned money. 
  • The content would never be old as there would be exciting releases every month. 

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” – Benjamin Franklin

Money Making is a science.

Not Art. Not Luck.

Pure Science


ATWG Exclusive is a platform to access master strategies created by Arpit Arora who is India’s leading personal finance expert. Through his experience of more than 10 years in the Indian and the UK financial industry, he has found certain loopholes and techniques to exponentially grow your money. 

Arpit has made videos on all the dimensions of money – strategies to invest in all asset classes, taxation, mindset, and skillset to master the game of personal finances. 

Access Anytime and anywhere and on any device. 

Monthly Releases of the latest opportunities, learnings, and strategies by Arpit to keep you in the most advantageous positions in any economic scenario. 

ATWG hosts many online and offline events on an ongoing basis to keep his community engaged, updated and prepared to benefit from the ever dynamic financial world. 


The internet today is full of financial knowledge but most of that cannot be implemented or trusted. 

Arpit is a SEBI-registered Research Analyst with more than 10 years of industry experience. Hence, you can expect mature and implementable financial wisdom.

Your financial knowledge is directly proportional to your financial results. Hence, a penny invested in financial knowledge is converted into a pound of earnings. 

Most people think money can only be made in stock markets. However, the multi-dimensional learning at ATWG covers creating double-digit growth from each and every asset class. 

ATWG exists to impart unbiased financial wisdom to the seekers who wish to create financial transformation. 

Financial Freedom is not an overnight journey but an ongoing process. Every opportunity should be used to accelerate your steps toward your ultimate goal. Sadly, in this world of distractions, not many options are available. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Why ChooSE

Arpit Arora

Arpit, after spending over a decade in the financial industry in India and abroad, realized that money is the biggest worry for most of the people, irrespective of what age they are.

While most people try to make money through their job, profession or business, they often forget the easiest way to make more money is – by using the power of Passive Income generated from their existing wealth.

Arpit wants to improve the financial lives of individuals, where by they can focus on their profession or business with Passion, while they make more Passive Income which takes care of their lifestyle expenses.

  • Philip Kotler Awardee for his 'Excellence as a Financial Coach'
  • MBA (Finance & Marketing) from London School of Commerce, London
  • BA B.Sc. (Business Management) from Roehampton University, London
  • SEBI Registered Research Analyst

FAQs : ATWG Exclusive

Arpit creates his content in a mix of both English and Hindi.

You can access ATWG Exclusive on the ATWG Mobile App or through a web browser anytime and anywhere. 

We have a library of videos created over the years, along with which we release some content every month that is accessible on an annual subscription. 


Access to ATWG Exclusive is given individually. If anyone else wants to subscribe, the person should get his/her subscription separately. 

The objective of ATWG Exclusive is to impart Financial Wisdom that is easy, effective, and implementable. 
Whereas our courses are structured and designed to handhold you in your financial planning.  

Yes, when attending the LIVE events you can ask Arpit your personal questions. Parallelly, there is a google form where you can post your personal questions which Arpit will answer directly himself.


What people say about Arpit

The best learning was keeping the things simple and consistent. It covers all the aspects of Investing, starting from the fundamentals to execution and giving an opportunity to be a part of the community. Thanks for covering the entire aspects of Investing

Gaurav Bansal

When I joined MasterClass, the very first thing that came to my mind was that I have met the right person. Earlier, I only used to invest in limited things, but now I am moving forward to stocks, Mutual Funds, and others as well. The way Arpit approaches and conducts implementation classes is very appreciative. Now I feel I am on the right track.

Jomon T Davy

AskTheWiseGuy is a wonderful platform to learn the basics of financial education and build one's wealth. I really enjoy Arpit's teaching methodology.

Jagdish Kumar

Amazing experience with AskTheWiseGuy. A good support system to understand the world of passive income and understanding finance. Thank you to Arpit Arora and the team. Good job !!!

Srilakshmi Vajrakarur

Boom 🔥 the mind-blowing strategy, polite behaviour, excellent benefits, loved the sessions. I became a fan of this team.

Chinmay Khedkar

Just Completed My Course, A New Mindset, New Skillset, So happy with the New Wiser Ways of Creating Passive Income. Honestly Meeting and Learning from Arpit has been a Blessing to me to secure me Financially and get the Peace of mind.

Arsh Gaur

Automate your savings to investments. Arpit is knowledgeable and gives clarity to a sound financial plan. If you have never thought of planning your funds and assets, automating your savings to investment - just go for it!

Vaibhav Singh

Hi Arpit... You have helped me to bring in the paradigm shift... I have the necessary clarity in my mind... it's a value for money spent.

Vivek bhatnagar

The session was an eye-opener for a newbie in personal finance management. I regret I didn't know this way years before. Thank you Arpit for guiding me from where to start and changing the mind blocks that I had for years.

Suja Vignesh

ARPIT IS A SUPERB GUY with gems of wisdom. I learnt a lot. He teaches us the rules of the game. It's awesome learning for me and eye-opening. Must attend all his courses.

Sutanu Kumar Pratihari

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